Private Events

Private Events

The Experience

You will have our entire Midtown venue all to yourself, for up to 29 players! Groups will be split into teams of 3-8, and each team will be sent into one of our games.  If you have a request for any particular game(s), please use the comment section when you make your booking so we can prepare them for you.


The cost of a private booking depends on the size of your group and whether the players are adults or students/children.

  • First Tier: 2-12 players (up to 2 games), $320
  • Second Tier: 13-18 players (up to 3 games), $480. There is a 15% student/child discount available.
  • Third Tier: 19-28 players (up to 4 games), $670. There is a 15% student/child discount available.


Private bookings are available on weekdays and by appointment.  Use the calendar below to find a date and time for your group. If you don't see anything that fits your schedule, contact us and we can make a custom reservation.