Wreck Havoc

"Wreck Havoc"

Our On-Site Team-Building Game for 30 or More Players


We will come to you and host our original cooperative/competitive team building game, "Wreck Havoc."



"Wreck Havoc" is a collaborative puzzle-solving game in which players need to decrypt a lost ship's final "distress signals" to discover the secret location of the wreck and recover its cargo for a reward. 12 teams of 2-5 players each must negotiate, trade knowledge, and quickly adapt to new information if they are to succeed in this fast-paced game of teamwork and problem-solving.

"Wreck Havoc" was originally developed at the request of Unilever for an on-site addition to their management training; since then, it has been a huge success when held at events for the likes of CVS, BYK, Persado, and the Quinnipiac University School of Communications.

Skills Developed

Teamwork, negotiation, adaptability, decision-making in the face of limited information


2 hours (plus half an hour on either end for setup and clean-up)


30-60 players per game; we can host up to 10 games simultaneously (600 players). Players will be split into 12 teams of 2-5 players each.


$40/per player. Minimum 30 players.
(10% discount available for events in Sacramento)


To host this event, all we need is a large room with 13 tables (per game). If your hotel or conference center has its own built-in projection and/or sound, we will gladly make use of those as well; if not, we will bring our own. Before your game, we will always do a site visit to scout out the venue and test our equipment.


Please contact us using the form below to inquire about scheduling a game. We will work with your schedule, but the more time you give us to prepare, the better.

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