How to book individually

How to book: Individual & Small groups:

  1. Select ticket type(s) and number – Adults ($29), Students with ID and/or Children ($25).

  2. Select a date – “Pick Date” in the upper-right-hand corner opens a calendar. We also offer gift vouchers if you haven’t decided on a date yet. (more info)

  3. Select a game – The two Séances and Santa vs. Gryla hold up to 6 players each; the Space Station holds up to 8 each. If you have a group of up to 12 that you would like to split into two head-to-head teams, you can always reserve both copies of the Séance (East and West) or both Santa’s Workshop and Gryla’s Cabin, if it's available, by making two bookings of up to 6 players each. (more info)