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First, choose a booking type:

Your choice will depend on the number of players you plan to bring, and on whether you would like to reserve the entire venue for a private event. Regular (individual and small-group) bookings are available on Thursday and Friday evenings, and on weekends. Private bookings are available on weekdays and by appointment.

How to Book (Individuals & Small Groups):

  1. Select ticket type(s) and number – Adults ($29), Students with ID and/or Children ($25). 
  2. Select a date – “Pick Date” in the upper-right-hand corner opens a calendar. We also offer gift vouchers if you haven’t decided on a date yet. (more info)
  3. Select a game – The two Séances hold up to 6 players each; the Space Station and the Heist, up to 8 each. If you have a group of up to 12 that you would like to split into two head-to-head teams, you can always reserve both copies of the Séance (East and West), if it's available, by making two bookings of up to 6 players each. (more info)