The League of Adventurers Awaits!

Greetings Puzzlegoers!

My name is Reginald Cogshire, or you can call me The Architect as many others do. I come to you today with the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to join my League of Adventurers! Without divulging too much, we are an elite underground group of puzzle solvers with deep-rooted ties to Sacramento’s history dating back hundreds of years! The main purpose of the League was for like-minded individuals with a passion for puzzles and logic to congregate and solve mysteries together. Current members are given occasional mysteries to solve and stories to unravel around the Sacramento area, some free, and some more lengthy adventures for a small cost. The greater mysteries will be released in chapters that will follow a greater story-line weaving new adventure lore giving greater context to Escape Sacramento escape games.

We discovered that this establishment had a similar concept released sometime last year called “The Missing Files.” The difference between The League and their game is that you will find that the League is a more relaxed group. Our adventures can be solved at your own pace and not in a rush to finish before other players.

Curious Commodities now on display!

Curious Commodities now on display!

You might be asking yourself…how might I fancy myself an invite to this prodigious platoon of puzzle pirates? Well, well, well! We wouldn’t be as prestigious if I gave everyone an easy invite now would we? What I WILL say is that we have been delivering parcels to this institution, Escape Sacramento with deliberate instructions on where to display them. A small conundrum if you will. If you fancy yourself in the neighborhood, perhaps take a gander on your next visit? Be warned though, we gave no instructions to the staff present so they may be in the dark as to what is going on if you ask them questions.

“Good luck future adventurers. Hopefully the next time we speak, it will be on the inside!”

“Good luck on your initiation future adventurers. Hopefully the next time we speak, it will be on the inside!”

-The Architect

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