The Grand March Madness Tournament


Spring is on the horizon and the furnaces are burning hot here at Escape Sacramento getting ready to bring our next game experience to you all, and let me just say…this one is a doozy! March also brings the return of MARCH MADNESS for all you basketball fans out there. This year, we thought we would bring that same competitive spirit to the world of puzzles and mind-power!


Single Elimination Format

Single Elimination Format

Once we have the team list solidified, we will post a tournament bracket. Each week starting March 16th, each duo of teams will be messaged a puzzle at the exact same time to solve. First team to solve the puzzle and respond with the correct answer advances to the next round…simple as that! This will continue until we whittle away to two final teams, who will compete in the final round which will be invited to come play our new game. Quickest team to solve the challenges that await them will be crowned the victor!


Teams must consist of 3-6 people (you can have more help, but only 6 members can participate in the final round)

If you and your team would like to participate, comment below or message over a team name and number of players to Escape Sacramento’s Facebook or Instagram page by Tuesday, March 12th at 6:00pm to enter.

Try Your Luck!

We look forward to seeing fierce competition over the next few weeks as we lead up to the launch of our newest escape room. Be on the lookout soon for an announcement blog post with all of the details!