What is "The Missing Files?"

Missing Files.gif

Hey Escape Sacramento fans!

My name is Josh and I am the lead game designer (always wanted to say that) for The Missing Files. Today, I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what is coming since I am sure many of you have no idea what this is all about.

Before getting into the nitty gritty, let’s take a little moment to reflect. Next month is our 3 year anniversary since moving into midtown. Escape Sacramento opened its doors in October 2015 and what an incredible experience it has been for us thus far. We have had the honor of delivering five different escape room experiences starting with our OG rooms, The Study and Gallery and opening up The Heist soon after. Since then, we have have taken players into the paranormal happenings of Lady Clarice’s Séance Parlor and then blasting off into Space with our most recent addition, The Space Station.

Something that we have wanted to expand upon for awhile now is an emphasis on storytelling and The Missing Files is a new mini game we’ve created to tie the bow on those 5 games as we start to design our next experiences. Moving forward, we really want to start building upon this concept for the section of our player base that cares about lore-driven experiences.


The Missing Files will be our first attempt at an A.R.G (and hopefully not the last!). What is an A.R.G? Well the acronym stands for Alternate Reality Game. No, that doesn’t mean virtual reality. Alternate reality games start in a virtual world and then find a way to transport you to the physical world, usually driven by mysteries and puzzles. If you’ve associated with any child at all in the past year, I am sure you have heard of a little game called Fortnite. Before we lose you….this isn’t anything like that…but they DID do a promotion surrounding this kind of idea for context (see Link). Anywho, we will launch a website later this month that will serve as your home of operations and the game will be split into 5 weeks, one for each of our games.


Each week, you will be tasked to solve a puzzle, or series of puzzles that may or may not lead you away from your computer/smart device to solve the rest. Upon solving each week’s puzzles, you will be gathering clues to prepare you for the “Final Test.” By the end of it, you will have dove into the mysteries of each game to be able to tie together every one of our games (hopefully).


Some of you might be competitive and we dig it, so there will be a leader board to fulfill your “Ready Player One” desires. Complete the puzzles each week and you will be rewarded with points. Finish the week first and you’ll be rewarded with more points than the person who finished second and so on. Don’t despair if you don’t finish in the top one week, because there might be some easter eggs trickled in for some bonus points.


1st place: VIP Skeleton Key – The first of its kind. You and your team will be invited to be the first ones to try out our next room/have your team-name hidden somewhere in it + T-Shirt + Sticker + Token of appreciation

2nd place: Free game of choice – Free admission for one of our current or future games (up to 8 tickets) + T-Shirt + Sticker + Token of appreciation

3rd place: Swag bag (T-Shirt, Stickers, Token)

4th-10th: Token of appreciation


Probably the number one question you are asking yourself is, “How on earth does a séance or an art gallery tie into space?” and that is something you will have to play and find out. We are really looking forward to launching The Missing Files on September 28th and telling our story of the last 3 years. Thank you for reading and escape on!

Josh Endter