Back to School! Bring a new friend!

It’s that time of the year again!  

The time of the year every parent is looking forward to and every student despises! Back to school! While families are still trickling in from their long summer vacations, students from around the world have visited Escape Sacramento this summer. 

We have had players from London, Germany, Turkey, Tokyo, China, Japan and many other countries from around the world! One of the things we love about this time of the year is the diversity that comes through. So many different people, from different walks of life.  

While many of you are moving into your new dorms, meeting your new roommates, you may be asking yourself a very important question. “Are we going to get along?”. “What is something we can do for fun?” “Man, is this a good idea?”.  

Have no fear! I can answer all of those questions for you! First, YES! You are going to get along great with your new roomie! And you want to know why? Because you are going to bring them to Escape Sacramento and have a bonding experience with them! It will be an amazing idea! There’s no better way to find out if you and your new friend are compatible then to be locked in a room together.  

Head on out to that first class and meet some new friends and don’t be afraid to bring them along with you and your roomie. Why sit at home and watch the same ol’ Netflix show or play the same ol’ video game?  

It is very important to get to know your roommates and to get along well with them. Make sure you take them out for coffee, or breakfast. Maybe bring them home a bagel or if you guys like to run (I would die), then go for a jog together. Make sure to keep your lines of communications open and always be there for each other! These times will be some of the best memories you make together! They could end up being one of your best friends for life! 

Come enjoy one of our three games! Our newest is the Space Station, if you like high-tech and space, this is the game for you! You could always play The Heist before it leaves us in December! If you are feeling a little lucky, you could take on the spirits in The Séance!   

Keep an eye out within the next couple months (and maybe on the photo) as we will be debuting our new College Night! I.D. will be required but it is sure to be a fun night!  For more information, please check out out blog next week! 

Escape Sacramento