Are you ready to “eggscape”?

Welcome to Eggscape Sacramento - - proudly brought to you by yours truly, the Escape Sacramento Team!

Many of you may remember participating in our Eggscape in 2016. With it’s popularity we have decided to bring it back! This year, we will be hiding roughly 1,000 Easter eggs in publicly accessible spaces around Sacramento. Each egg will contain a letter of the alphabet, a raffle ticket, and (of course) a piece of candy.

This year's Eggscape will begin at 10:00 AM on Sunday, April 28th, 2019 -- come play, and win some prizes!



The first two teams who can make the word "E S C A P E" with the letter tiles they find inside the eggs and bring them back to Escape Sacramento will each get a free game at Escape Sacramento. We also have one extra free game available to give out, completely at our discretion, for the most creative/fun/funny word or phrase. Post 'em on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag "#eggscapesacramento" to enter -- and make sure the posts are public and you tag us so that we can find them!


Raffle Tickets:

Each egg we've hidden (assuming you're the first to find it) will contain a raffle ticket with a series of numbers printed on it. Use the "Connect with us!" form on this page to input those numbers, separated by commas, and we'll notify you if you win anything when we do our drawing later in the week. We'll be giving out some free tickets to our games, a tavern puzzle with a difficulty rating of your choosing, and some Escape Sacramento swag as well -- buttons, t-shirts, and our skeleton key bottle openers.


Where do i look?

At exactly 10:00 AM on the day of the event, we'll be releasing the map of this year's hide locations at the bottom of this page. We abide by the Prime Directive of Easter Egg Hiding: all eggs will be visible from some angle (so, nothing completely enclosed or buried), though it might not be a convenient one.

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